Past Events

Webinar: Launch of French Language Global Case Law Database

Booklaunch: Counterspeech – Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Countering Dangerous Speech

Symposium – AI & Digital Regulation: Impact on Human Rights and Freedom of Expression

Counter Speech Trainings

Symposium on AI, Free Speech, and Human Rights – Key Takeaways

Conference: The State of Free Speech – Challenges and Solutions for a Digital Age

The National Constitution Center’s First Amendment Summit

Symposium on AI, Free Speech and Human Rights

Chautauqua Institution: The Free Speech Recession

European Media Freedom Act: A novel set of rules to protect media pluralism and independence in the EU

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jacob Mchangama & Flemming Rose on threats to Free Speech

WexFo: Saving Democracy by Limiting Freedom of Expression?

Columbia University: Protecting Freedom of Expression through Comparative Global Case Law: Databases to Advance Rights

Seminar on the new rules for political advertising – An impossible balance with freedom of expression?

Webinar on freedom of expression and privacy on social media.

Chautauqua​ Institution: Jacob Mchangama

Harvard Law: Frontline Europe a continent’s struggle for relevance, unity and value

UN Human Rights Council in Geneva: Gender Equality and the Right to Freedom of Expression

Stanford Law: Confronting Misinformation and protecting free speech online

CGI U 2023

Copenhagen Conference: The Future of Free Speech

Czech book launch: The Free Speech Recession and How to End It

Doha Debates: Who should regulate social media?

Conference: Regulating the online public sphere – From Decentralized Networks to Public Regulation

Conference: Laughing Matters? Humor and Free Speech in the Digital Age

Book presentation: The Far Right in Greece and the Law

RightsCon 2022: Dismantling online power structures and reclaiming the power to moderate our content online

The British Library: Freedom of the Press – The First Principle of News

Syracuse University: Is Free Speech Killing Democracy?

Conference Yale University: Revisiting Defamation, Incitement, and Hate Speech in the era of Social Media

Democratic recession or breaking point for the “bulwark of liberty”?

CEP Webinar with Jacob Mchangama: Countering Extremism While Protecting Freedom of Speech

ERA seminar for legal practitioners on EU discrimination law

VIRTUAL PANEL: Global Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation

Tech for Democracy 2021: Whose standards? Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation

ECMI: Religious Minorities in the digital space

Liberal International: Jacob Mchangama speaks at the 204th Executive Committee Meeting of Liberal International

Fundamental Rights Forum 2021: How fast should illegal content be taken down? A rights-based approach

ICON-S Mundo Conference – Future Free Speech Panels

RightsCon: Silencing the silenced? The impact of takedown legislation on civil liberties and victims of human rights abuses

ECIPE Webinar: Are Online Civil Liberties Threatened?

FAW Public Forum: It’s A Matter of Public Opinion

Roundtable: Does the ECHR really protect the ‘right to offend, shock or disturb’?

Mozilla Festival 2021: Silencing the silenced? The impact of takedown legislations on civil liberties and victims of human rights abuses

Mozilla Festival 2021: Slow down to discuss how fast content must be taken down

Mozilla Festival 2021: Our speech, our rules: Decentralising Content Moderation and Reclaiming the power to govern our communities

Talk: Hate Speech and Hate Crime

UN – Hate Speech, Social Media and Minorities – Thirteenth session of the Forum on Minority Issues