This webinar is the first in an exciting new series, The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Dialogues, where Ayaan and her expert guests will discuss how vital the principle of free speech is and how to defend it from the many threats it faces today.

This webinar features Ayaan in conversation with the Danish author Jacob Mchangama about the lessons to be learned from the millennia-long battle for free speech. It was moderated by Flemming Rose. You can read Ayaan’s recent thoughts on free speech and this webinar series in a timely essay posted on our blog. At the bottom of this blog, future webinar details will be added when they become available. Access it here:

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Jacob Mchangama is the Founder and Executive Director of The Future of Free Speech. He is also a research professor at Vanderbilt University and a Senior Fellow at The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE).