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Article: Speech that Isn’t Mine: Obligations Under the European Court of Human Rights

Article: Freedom of Expression and Social Conflict

Case law on Hate Speech: The Enduring Question of Thresholds

Case Law Collection: Internet shutdowns in international law

Article: The Internet, Internet Intermediaries and Hate Speech – Freedom of Expression in Decline?

International journal of Human Rights: Artificial intelligence and online hate speech moderation

International Journal for the Semiotics of Law: Special issue on free speech

South Africa the Model? A comparative Analysis of Hate Speech Jurisprudence of South Africa and The European Court of Human Rights

Article: Hate Crimes: The legality and Practicality of Punishing Bias—A Socio‑Legal Appraisal

Working Paper: Who Cares about Free Speech

Human Rights Law Review: Hate Speech and the European Court of Human Rights: Whatever Happened to the Right to Offend, Shock or Disturb?

Call for papers: Hate Speech vs. Free Speech

Article – The Legal Regulation of Hate Speech: The United Nations Framework as the Common Denominator for Europe and Asia

Paper: Does Freedom of Expression Cause Less Terrorism? (Accepted, Political Studies, 2020.)