Op-eds, blog posts, presentations, etc. on the future of free speech.

Tech Policy Press: Digital Services Act Roundup: February – March 2024

Naples Daily News: Florida Abandons Free Speech Principles to Combat DEI Excesses

Persuasion: How to Fight Misinformation Without Censorship

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Media Mentions

Future Free Speech research, results, and recommendations are mentioned in international and regional media.

NYU First Amendment Watch: Jacob Mchangama on the First Amendment Implications of Generative AI

The Critic: The new Irish hate speech law will do more harm than good

Reason: Free Speech Is Under Attack in the U.S., but It’s on the Ropes Elsewhere

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The History of the Future: Jacob on the Miltons Curse

The Platform NZ: Jacob Mchangama on the importance of free speech

Global Digital Foundation: Jacob Mchangama and the History of Hate-Speech Laws

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