Participants will share experiences of when a social media platform took down something they (or someone they know) posted. Did they feel that they were “censored “due to an unfair or flawed bias against them? Did they understand the reasons why their content was removed? How did they react to the removal? Did they re-post that post or did they have to move on? These experiences will be grouped organically based on the speech’s theme/topic. Participants will then suggest how they or their communities would have preferred to handle some of those situations.

This would flow into a discussion about participants’ thoughts on the decentralised approaches some platforms are adopting (Subreddit’s local moderation, Twitter’s BlueSky moderation and others). Participants will then collaborate and collectively think of models by which communities become in-charge of moderating their own content.

The session will be hosted by The Future of Free Speechs Jacob Mchangama and Raghav Mendiratta.

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