Most Internet users would agree that illegal content must be removed. Most users may not agree on is an ideal timeframe in which the removal should happen! Some believe that takedowns must be as prompt as possible, some others believe that prompt takedowns lead to silencing crucial voices and opinions. Participants in this session will discuss and deliberate on this key question that could potentially change the future of the internet. Participants would be asked to share experiences and examples of the harms caused when removing illegal content was too slow or when legal but offensive content was taken down incorrectly and too fast! Participants would then be asked to brainstorm what would be considered an expeditious, fair and reasonable timeframe for social media platforms to remove harmful content? This session is open to all – and we especially hope to engage with free speech enthusiasts, lawyers, policymakers and activists!

The session will be hosted by The Future of Free Speechs Jacob Mchangama and Raghav Mendiratta.

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