Report: “Staggering Percentage” of Legal Content Removed from Social Platforms in France, Germany and Sweden

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NASHVILLE, Tenn. May 28, 2024 —Digital regulations in France, Germany and Sweden could be stifling free expression on social media platforms, according to a new report by The Future of Free Speech at Vanderbilt University. The report, titled “Preventing ‘Torrents of Hate’ or Stifling Free Expression Online? An Assessment of Social Media […]

The Future of Free Speech Advises Meta to Uphold Freedom of Expression Principles in Moderation Decisions of Pro-Palestinian Content

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NASHVILLE, Tenn. May 20, 2024 —The Future of Free Speech, a nonpartisan think tank dedicated to restoring a resilient global culture of free speech, announced its submission of a public comment to Meta’s Oversight Board regarding the moderation of the phrase “From the River to the Sea” on its platforms. The comment […]

Tech Policy Press: Generative AI Developers Should Commit to Free Speech and Access to Information

By Jordi Calvet-Bademunt “When we started this work, we were curious. Now, we have real concerns.” The CEO of the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), the British antitrust regulator, was referring to the competition risks her team has identified in the foundation models industry. Foundation models are a type of generative AI. Popular models include OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s […]

Reason: Australia Tries To Censor the World

By J.D. Tuccille You have to respect anybody willing to tell powerful government officials to get stuffed, and tech titan Elon Musk is pretty good at doing exactly that. While sometimes thin-skinned himself and not always consistent in his free speech principles, the head of social media platform X (formerly Twitter) is the best of […]

The Conversation: AI Chatbots Refuse to Produce ‘Controversial’ Output − Why That’s A Free Speech Problem

By Jacob Mchangama and Jordi Calvet-Bademunt Google recently made headlines globally because its chatbot Gemini generated images of people of color instead of white people in historical settings that featured white people. Adobe Firefly’s image creation tool saw similar issues. This led some commentators to complain that AI had gone “woke.” Others suggested these issues resulted from faulty efforts […]

NYU First Amendment Watch: Jacob Mchangama on the First Amendment Implications of Generative AI

By Susanna Granieri The rise of generative artificial intelligence has led to questions about its First Amendment implications — like its use by journalists or its application in defamation law — but it remains unclear how the nation’s courts will consider its potential impacts on the marketplace of ideas. The technology itself does not have rights, […]

Politico Pro: The Content Wars: Analyzing Chatbot Content Policies

In the Friday, March 1, 2024 POLITICO Pro Morning Tech Newsletter (Subscriber Only), Mallory Culhane and John Hende cite The Future of Free Speech‘s latest report, “Freedom of Expression in Generative AI – A Snapshot of Content Policies”: THE CONTENT WARS  ANALYZING CHATBOT CONTENT POLICIES — Some of the most popular chatbots’ policies on hate speech and […]

TIME: The Future of Censorship Is AI-Generated

By Jacob Mchangama and Jules White The brave new world of Generative AI has become the latest battleground for U.S. culture wars. Google issued an apology after anti-woke X-users, including Elon Musk, shared examples of Google’s chatbot Gemini refusing to generate images of white people—including historical figures—even when specifically prompted to do so. Gemini’s insistence on prioritizing diversity […]

Foreign Policy: Free Speech Social Media Doesn’t Exist

“These concerns imply that social media is a lawless mayhem when it comes to hate speech. But this characterization is wrong. Most platforms have strict rules prohibiting hate speech, which have expanded significantly over the past several years. Many of these policies go far beyond both what’s required and permissible under international human rights law […]