Nashville, Tenn., July 1, 2024 — Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decisions in Moody v. NetChoice and NetChoice v. Paxton. The Future of Free Speech, a nonpartisan think tank located at Vanderbilt University, has issued the following statement, attributable to Senior Fellow Jeff Kosseff:

“A majority of the Supreme Court signed on to the view that social media platforms receive the same First Amendment protections as offline media. Supporters of the Texas and Florida laws have valid concerns about the potential for large companies to have outsized influence over online speech, but the majority recognized that allowing the government to oversee content moderation would only exacerbate those problems. While Monday’s opinion surely is not the final word on the Texas and Florida laws, it is an important statement that the Court will not set different rules for online and offline speech.”

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The Future of Free Speech is an independent, nonpartisan think tank located at Vanderbilt University that works to restore a resilient global culture of free speech in the digital age through knowledge, research, and advocacy. Learn more at or follow along on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.


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