Politico Pro: The Content Wars: Analyzing Chatbot Content Policies

In the Friday, March 1, 2024 POLITICO Pro Morning Tech Newsletter (Subscriber Only), Mallory Culhane and John Hende cite The Future of Free Speech‘s latest report, “Freedom of Expression in Generative AI – A Snapshot of Content Policies”: THE CONTENT WARS  ANALYZING CHATBOT CONTENT POLICIES — Some of the most popular chatbots’ policies on hate speech and […]

CEP Online Roundtable: Responding To Blasphemy

On January 24, 2024, CEP hosted an online roundtable with leading experts on political violence and free speech to discuss the complex question of how democracies should respond to blasphemy terrorism. In December, Denmark’s parliament passed a controversial law which prohibits the “inappropriate treatment” of religious texts, although the bill has been widely referred to […]

The Guardian: Democracy’s Super Bowl: 40 elections that will shape global politics in 2024

Simon Tisdall menstions Future Free Speech new research on free speech developments in 22 democracies in the report “The Free Speech Recession Hits Home‘ “The principle of free speech, essential to fully functioning democracy, is also under attack, rights campaigner Jacob Mchangama argued in Foreign Policy magazine. “Even open democracies have imposed restrictive measures to combat a […]

Cato: Is Freedom of Expression Dangerous? No, Study Finds More Expression Helps Us Handle Conflict

Free speech scholars and advocates have written about the general decline in freedom of expression that has occurred over the past two decades. Despite great technological advances that make communicating immensely easier—social media, encrypted communications, and ubiquitous computers and cell phones—many governmental policies and public opinion around the world have soured on the importance of expression. In this recession of free speech, […]

WKRN: Vanderbilt scholars analyze role of AI in hate speech

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As artificial intelligence (AI) expands its impact on the world and online, scholars at Vanderbilt University are discussing ways to use the system to combat hate speech. Scholars within the Vanderbilt community along with researchers, free speech, and human rights activists and lawyers are taking part in a two-day symposium on AI and […]

Washington Post Editoral: These universities are pushing back on censorious students. Finally.

A similar defense is being waged at private institutions. At Harvard University, a group of more than 50 faculty members last month established the Council on Academic Freedom, a group “devoted to free inquiry, intellectual diversity, and civil discourse.” Vanderbilt University, likewise, announced last month that it would become the U.S. foothold for the Future of Free […]

AEI: In Search of Principles to Govern Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Web Censorship

The article discusses the challenges of governing free speech, hate speech, and web censorship in the age of the internet, and cites the views  Jacob Mchangama. Mchangama’s proposals for balancing the need to protect free expression with the harms caused by hate speech and misinformation are highlighted, and the article suggests that his principles could […]