Roots of Reality Podcast: Global Free Speech with Jacob Mchangama

In this Roots of Reality Experiences episode, historian Ben Baumann talks with free speech expert Jacob Mchangama about the history of free speech globally, the complexities of free speech in the age of the internet, and the threats against free speech today. Listen: Roots of Reality · #123 Global Free Speech with Jacob Mchangama Watch:

Conversations with Coleman: The History of Free Speech with Jacob Mchangama

Jacob Mchangama and Coleman Hughes discuss his brilliant new book: Free Speech: A History from Socrates to Social Media. They talk about the Danish cartoon controversy and Charlie Hebdo. They also discuss the so-called “Milton’s curse”; which is the habit of hypocritically defending free speech for some, but not for others. Coleman thinks this point […]

Doha Debates – Course Correction: The Disrupters – Using free speech for good and evi‪l‬

Social media has made it easier than ever to share ideas around the world and galvanize people into action. Host Nelufar Hedayat looks at the double-edged sword of free speech from the perspective of social media influencer, a free speech lawyer and two tech veterans who say that today’s tech companies wield too much power […]

In Lieu of Fun: Jacob Mchangama on Clear and Present Danger

Jacob Mchangama is guesting the webcast In Lieu of Fun in a conversation about the state of free speech and online censorship. About: In Lieu of Fun is a casual, unstructured webcast that has been broadcasting daily since March 25, 2020. We talk about news, law, life, art, squirrels, murder hornets, Baby Cannons, and whatever else […]