Donald Trump.

The CEO of My Pillow, Inc.

Some 70,000 accounts promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory that claims a Satan-worshipping cabal is secretly running the world and abusing children.

The Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C.

What do these all have in common?

In recent weeks, they’ve all had their Twitter accounts suspended permanently or temporarily — a remarkable demonstration of the unilateral power wielded by today’s social media giants.

Similar criticism has been raised about Germany’s law.

Jacob Mchangama, founder of Justitia, a judicial think-tank in Denmark, recently wrote in a column that “when democracies respond to threats and emergencies, there is a real risk of overreach that jeopardizes basic freedoms — not least freedom of expression.”

He noted that Germany’s regulations had been replicated by a “cabal of authoritarian states including Turkey, Russia and Venezuela” that “cynically abuse Germany’s good-faith effort at countering hate speech and use it to legitimize crackdowns on political dissent.”

Read the full Toronto Star article here.

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Jacob Mchangama is the Founder and Executive Director of The Future of Free Speech. He is also a research professor at Vanderbilt University and a Senior Fellow at The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE).