Hosted by Nora Hamadi, this new magazine approaches Europe from a collaborative perspective. We will hear the analyses and testimonies of Europeans gathered during our collective brainstorming session. And to discuss this, we welcome Nina Gorenc, a language professor at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and a researcher in political rhetoric. She denounces the democratic stalemate in which social networks lock us in. On her part, Joan Barata, a legal expert at Justitia, a Danish think tank that promotes and defends freedom of expression, sees the emergence of platforms as a revolution comparable to the advent of the printing press.

Our report will take us to Poland, where the Minister of Justice stands up as a defender of freedom of expression by promoting an anti-Facebook law.

Finally, in our main interview, Nora Hamadi welcomes actor and director Gérald Garutti, who advocates for giving words and debates their nobility back.

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