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List of Relevant Laws Impacting Free Speech (Uruguay) (2015-2022)


Uruguay. Law No. 19.749, Comprehensive anti-terrorism law. Its purpose is to implement financial sanctions on individuals or legal entities related to terrorism, the financing of terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in accordance with the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. As in many countries in the Americas, these types of laws pose risks in terms of the potential to abuse some of the powers these laws codify in ways that restrict freedom of expression

Uruguay. Law No. 20.075. The Law 20.075 on Accountability and Balance of Budget Execution for the year 2021 was approved on October 18, 2022. The law consists of 530 articles, through which modifications as well as new regulations were introduced in various areas. In terms of freedom of expression, there are two relevant regulations. Firstly, amendments are made to Law No. 18.331 on Personal Data Protection and Habeas Data Action regarding the treatment of automated data. Secondly, an article is included with the explicit objective of providing tools to block illegal online transmissions of sporting events.

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