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List of Relevant Laws Impacting Free Speech (Norway) (2015-2022)

Reporters Without Borders, Word Press Freedom Index

Columbia University prize for the the most significant ruling  2016

  1. Criminal law

New penal code  

Preporatory work for Norwegian penal code in force 2015 Innst. 248 L (2014–2015) – and Innst. O. nr. 73 (2008–2009) –

Section 3-6 a in the civil tort code


Section on privacy  in penal code 267 in

Hate speech

  • Amendments to The Penal code section 185

The penal code section 185 on hate speech, English text The Penal Code – Part II. Criminal acts – Lovdata.

Preparatory work on changes in section 185 on hate speech Sak –

The report from The freedom of expression commission NOU 2022: 9 (

Comments to the report from the civil society Høring – NOU 2022:9 En åpen og opplyst offentlig samtale –

  • Amendments in the penal code section 77 on aggravating circumstances

preparatory work to the amendments on aggravated circumstance Sak –

  • Protection of sensitive information

preparatory work on amendments regarding sensitive information Prop. 159 L (2020–2021) –  and  Innst. 459 L (2020-2021) –

  1. Civil Rights law
  • Working Environment Act and whiste-blowing
    • Whistle-blowing

Working Environment act  chapter 2A.

Working Environment Act Section 1-1 c Scope of protection

  • Preparatory work on scope of protection under the Working Environment Act 315 L (2018-2019) –
  • Other proposed amendments to the law which are not yet enacted or in force
    • Surveillance legislation

Surveillance Act Etteretningstjenesteloven

Police Register Act Politiregisterlov,

  • Ban on Conversion therapy
  • Proposed amendments to the Act relating to the right of access to documents held by public authorities and public undertakings (Freedom of Information Act)

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