Participants from diverse backgrounds will share examples when a social media platform took down something they (or someone they know) posted. It could be anything – from erotic art, a picture of a wounded protestor, a video of an abusive police officer, or a sarcastic tweet mocking an extremist leader. Participants will contemplate the likely reasons for the removal – was it an AI’s mistake; was it a human reviewer misjudging the post’s context, or was it willfully censored? Through case studies, participants will discuss the implications of takedown legislations for free speech and activism. Participants will ponder over whether the benefits of takedown legislations cause more harm than good? Do they silence narratives and speakers for whom the online space is the safest? Finally, participants will collaborate to think of ideal frameworks that balance taking down illegal content and protecting free speech online.

The session will be hosted by The Future of Free Speechs Jacob Mchangama and Raghav Mendiratta.

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